Body treatment for special price of 8 500 Kč

IEM SPA Emsculpt


An exceptional and revolutionary device designed to build muscle and burn fat tissue. The only system on the market that aims to simultaneously combine strengthening and muscle growth, disrupt fat and then reduce it.

The Emsculpt device uses patented high-power focused electromagnetic BTL energy (HIFEM technology), which causes more than 20,000 contractions in 30 minutes.The resulting effect is a combination of muscle strengthening, muscle growth and fat tissue disruption. The treatment is used on the abdomen and buttocks. It supports the treatment of diastasis.

Body treatment EMSCULPT now in special offer for 8 500 Kč (original price 12 000 Kč).

This special offer stands until the 30.04.2024.

The validity of the purchased voucher is 1 year after purchase.