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Visible 4D laser rejuvenation and lifting – treatment replacing scalpel, thread lift, fillers or laser resurfacing.

Intraoral 4D lifting offers an application scheme that no other laser system can replace.

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The Intraoral 4D Lift involves 4 consecutive steps, where the doctor adapts the exact settings of the device to the specific skin type and achieves absolutely great results in the fight against facial aging, without the need for anesthesia or recovery.

Smooth Lifting – a revolutionary non-ablative, intraoral procedure uses controlled and gentle “deep heating” of the mucosa from inside the mouth, which can withstand much more energy than the skin without burning. In addition to the immediate shrinkage of collagen fibers, collagen neogenesis occurs. The result is an overall improvement in the strength and elasticity of the treated tissue, as well as filling and elevation of the nasolabial folds with an effect comparable to an injectable filler.

FRAC3 – the three-dimensional fractional effect of the laser and the specific structure of the pulse allows treatment of deeper layers and complements the previous effects of the intraoral procedure. At the same time, the youthful appearance of the skin is restored, skin imperfections such as veins, pigmentation are removed.

PIANO – represents the third phase of the treatment. The laser safely and quickly intensively heats the tissue from the outside. PIANO mode is the only laser that can penetrate the deepest and stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin, where conventional lasers and noninvasive devices cannot reach.

SupErficial – a patented procedure for smoothing the skin surface using “cold” peeling technology with a full or fractional laser beam that beautifully smooths the skin surface, closes enlarged pores and reduces fine lines.

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