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An aesthetic surface treatment that removes the surface layer of the skin and achieves a refinement over several treatments.

And thanks to this, the skin is stimulated, the surface of the skin is softened, pores are reduced, the colour is unified and the skin is regenerated.

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A chemical peel is a quick and effective procedure that serves to rejuvenate, rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. It is completely non-invasive and suitable for all those who expect a rapid improvement in the appearance of the skin. It only takes a few minutes and uses a peeling mixture of special formulations containing glycolic acid (AHA). Glycolic acid is a natural substance derived from sugar cane that is used in various concentrations. The action of AHA acids dramatically cleanses the skin, reduces pores, brightens, improves skin hydration and elasticity. It also smoothes fine lines, reduces pigmentation and unifies the skin. This method also effectively addresses the treatment of acne. After the treatment, sebum production is reduced, pores are tightened and the scars caused by this disease in the past are partially smoothed.

Chemical peels are a very safe but effective treatment and beautification method that can often replace other, much more expensive treatments.

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