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LPG offers unique results and comprehensive effects on body shaping by combining weight loss and rejuvenation.

It is the only technique that can release fat stored under the skin layer that cannot be removed by diet, exercise or liposuction.

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The LPG technique is intended for the treatment of pathological tissue changes.

LPG is a unique device whose treatment head contains a motorized cylinder with a motorized damper and operates with synchronized sequential vacuum. The vacuum wave creates a skin lash (1st roller) and straightens it back (2nd roller). The device is equipped with a procedure control system, allowing to continuously monitor the strength of the shot on the eyelash and thus control the patient’s feelings. The display acts as a feedback system and displays the most accurate values about the procedure, allowing the operator to control the intensity and maximum effectiveness of each movement.

  1. Aesthetic programs – body shaping, cellulite removal, slimming, post-operative treatment, postpartum treatment.
  2. Fitness programs – muscle shaping, warm-up before training, recovery, stretching.
  3. Relaxation programs – relaxation and anti-stress massage for tired feet.

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