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Our legs wear us all day, tend to coincide with constant walking, improper skin care and, in summer, weather conditions. That’s why we should take care of them.

At IEM SPA, a top team of pedicurists will take care of healthy and happy feet. We constantly follow the latest trends and pedicure is not an area in which we are lagging behind.

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What your feet can experience with us:

  • Dry pedicure
  • Wet Footlogix pedicure (combined)
  • Spa pedicure
  • Express pedicure
  • Feet Massage
  • Feet Treatment

Luxury pedicure – FOOTLOGIX

Therapeutic pedicure with a comprehensive range of professional foot care products, also suitable for diabetics. It combines wet and dry pedicure and brings the feeling of perfectly moisturized and soft feet. Transformative (restorative) foot care from dry to various skin problems, combining professional and home care with 95% efficacy. Visible results after a few weeks. They do not contain synthetic oils that block the entry into the skin.

Footlogix foams immediately penetrate the epidermis layers and do not leave a greasy film on the skin.

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