Beautiful skin without stretch marks and scars? Try a CO2 fraction laser.

Is there a rejuvenation without a scalpel for women and men? Beautiful skin without stretch marks and scars?

A novelty at IEM SPA is the modern, unique SmaXel CO2 laser device, which is an ideal solution for the tuning of the skin, stretch marks, scars and overall texture improvement thanks to the latest ultra-pulse technology.

Fractional laser resurfacing has a strong anti-age effect. It will restart your own collagen production and your skin will be firmer and healthier. However, it has to be said that just as each of us is unique, the reaction of our body to external stimuli is different for each one of us. One person may only needs one fractional resurfacing treatment and someone may have to repeat this treatment.

The treatment is maximally safe, with a minimum length of reconvalescence and maximum clinical effect.

Our consultation and treatment is led by MUDr. Jarmila Bugárová, who is ready to explain everything to you in case of questions and, of course, to set up the ideal treatment for you.

See more information about the offered variants here -> IEM SPA FRACTIONAL RESURFACING.