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Earring piercing is a more modern method compared to the classic needle piercing, which is much gentler and less stressful.

Earring threading is for all ages, except young children. The application is minimally painful, sterile, quick and without bleeding.

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Our office, where we inject the earrings , is a clean and sterile environment with a strict disinfection procedure that is carried out every day, as well as before and after each piercing. We use state of the art piercing machines and our doctors are fully trained to use them.

Your ears will be pierced in a hygienic environment using pre-sterilized instruments and individually packaged sterile pins that are hypoallergenic, nickel compliant and made of surgical stainless steel. After puncture, any part of the device that comes into contact with the customer is discarded. Unlike the old spring or pistol systems, which are used repeatedly among customers.

Automatic clip placement ensures that the correct space is left in the front and back of the ear to improve the healing process. The system we use is gentle and silent, using hand pressure to quickly and accurately pierce the ear in one smooth, silent motion.

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